SWG-inspired sandbox Divergence Online is now on Steam early access


If you’ve been waiting over the last week for Valve to approve Divergence Online for its inevitable Steam early access release, wait no longer: It’s finally live today. The game is currently $29.99 US, 25% off its usual $39.99 price. Wrote the team,

We’ve been online less than an hour and already making dozens of new friends. You guys are just the best! Thanks for your support and expect another 3-8 new patches tonight with fixes and improvements.

The game is known best to our community for its blatant Star Wars Galaxies influences, its hardcore sandbox vibe, and its community-inspired goal to implement a consensual PvP server. Stained Glass Llama’s Ethan Casner downplayed concerns over the game’s seeming use of SWG assets, telling us he welcomes rather than fears Disney’s attention because he’s “miles away from any legitimate infraction.” He also made headlines this week by ranting against so-called “gaming yelp reviewer bullshit.” Reviews on the early access launch are so far “mixed.”

Source: Steam. Thanks, Sethman!
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