Elite Dangerous outlines its 2016 content rollout plans


You might think it’s the year 2016, but for Elite Dangerous players, the calendar has ticked over to 3302 and brings the promise of more adventures and features.

In this week’s newsletter, Frontier outlined some of the content coming with the continuation of its Horizons¬†expansion rollout. Players can expect to see a commander creator for their avatars, launch small craft from their larger ships for point defense, join with friends for a multi-crew experience, and enjoy deeper crafting and looting. The newsletter also took the time to expound upon minor factions with the goal of helping players in their quest to choose a particular one.

In other Elite Dangerous news, Massively reader and YouTuber Colin Ford took two of the new CQC fighters out for a test drive. You can see how these craft performed after the break!

Source: Newsletter. Thanks to Phoenix_Dfire for the tip!
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