MMO Week in Review: Marvel Heroes is getting a new CEO (January 10, 2016)

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This week, Gazillion announced that long-time CEO David Brevik was stepping down from his post and leaving the company that makes Marvel Heroes. Brevik told forum-goers and stream-watchers that he loves Marvel Heroes but wanted to step away from the business of leading a company and get back to being personally involved with game design and programming. His new company, Graybeard Games, will likely build something “RPG-oriented.”

Read on for the very best of this week’s MMO news and opinions.

The Oculus Rift costs a staggering $599 - Did you think the Oculus Rift would be $350? Not so fast: Oculus is asking $599 US for its sweet chunk of virtual reality equipment. As promised, pre-orders for the Oculus Rift opened this morning. The $599 bundle…
Should you play Black Desert or Blade & Soul? - Just the other day we were discussing in the office the differences between Black Desert and Blade & Soul, and I said that I desperately needed a comparison chart to help me keep the two games…
Massively OP’s guide to choosing an online ARPG - Bored of MMOs, despondent about the industry, or simply looking for something a little different? Turning to something similar to MMOs, yet offering a new experience, is what's attracted many people to online action RPGs. MMOARPGs, or…
Did Guild Wars 2 just tease gliding in vanilla Tyria? - During today's Guild Wars 2 livestream, ArenaNet's Rubi Bayer demoed a video of a character flying... in what looks like Orr. Malchor's Leap, to be precise. Only Orr is in vanilla Tyria, not in the expansion…
Red 5 Studios is undergoing ‘strategic reorganization’ - Firefall developer Red 5 Studios is apparently in the midst of a "strategic reorganization," according to a message from the executive team passed along to us this evening through PR: Red 5 Studios Update: Strategic Reorganization…
EVE Evolved: Three things you don’t want to miss in 2016 - [AL:EVE]In the previous edition of EVE Evolved, I looked back at some of the big highlights EVE Online throughout 2015. It was a year that revolutionised practically every aspect of EVE's day-to-day gameplay with a flood of updates,…
Elite Dangerous outlines its 2016 content rollout plans - You might think it's the year 2016, but for Elite Dangerous players, the calendar has ticked over to 3302 and brings the promise of more adventures and features. In this week's newsletter, Frontier outlined some of…
Working As Intended: The MMOs we lost in 2015 - It's become tradition to fare well the MMOs that sunsetted in the preceding year, but that wasn't always the case. At the beginning of 2015, in saying goodbye to 2014's sunsetted games, I tried to put that…
John Smedley on player emulator projects: ‘Good for them’ - Ex-Daybreak President John Smedley took to Twitter last night to throw his support behind MMO emulator projects. While most studios publicly ignore or condemn these fan projects, it was a well-known secret that Daybreak held a favorable attitude…
RIFT raiding guild drama results in player suspensions - Guild Wars 2 isn't the only game to have recently been smacked with a spate of raiding guild drama: The normally unassuming MMO themepark RIFT was embroiled in spectacle over the holiday. Major RIFT raiding guild…

WoW’s resource gathering professions are awful

Warcraft movie launches themed exhibition in China

WoW’s Legendary ring upgrades now available to purchase with Valor Points

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