Buffs and nerfs are coming for Guild Wars 2’s classes

Blinded by the X.

ArenaNet’s Karl McLain has a new Guild Wars 2 blog post today focused on the “high-level changes” on the way for the game’s classes. “While we’ll still make minor adjustments in between as needed,” he writes, “each of our quarterly seasonal releases will include a major balance update to adjust how professions are performing and rein in outliers.”

McLain says his main goal is to sort out the post-Heart of Thorns defense and offense imbalances and buff underused abilities. Slow is getting a nerf as well. Let’s look at the buff and nerf list:

  • Elementalist: Will see improvements to offense, Air, and weak weapons but “fine-tuning” of defense.
  • Engineer: Expect more “impactful” choices and a nerf to defense.
  • Guardian: Dragonhunter spec is due for a nerf to “burst and disruption.”
  • Mesmer: Alacrity is going to be brought “a bit more in line”; scepters will be buffed.
  • Necromancer: Shroud and Leeching Bolts will see upgrades.

  • Ranger: Druids will get some group love, as will nature/pet theming and shouts.
  • Revenant: Expect ANet to “tone down” sword, nerf autoattack, and side-eye defense.
  • Thief: “Drastic” improvements to melee autoattacks and sustained damage, as well as Acrobatics.
  • Warrior: Rifle’s getting love, as are defense, cooldowns, and zerking.

Guild Wars 2’s ESL Pro League resumes its season today as well; the participating teams from each reason are waging war for a spot at the UK finals and a slice of the $100,000 prize.

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