Path of Exile shows off the Earthquake skill for big melee hits

Next on the skill list, Subduction.
When Path of Exile launches its Ascendancy expansion, your character builds will have new skills to play with, and many of those new skills are meant to change the ways you use those builds. The newest skill revealed is the Earthquake ability, a melee skill that is all about having a slow weapon and shortening the duration on the skill. It causes a fissure in the ground that explodes in an aftershock, useful for clearing out large patches of enemies… and even more useful if you shorten the time between the initial hit and the subsequent aftershock.

The team behind the game has also answered a number of player questions about the next expansion and later updates to the client. Ascendancy specializations will be revealed largely in February, with an optional passive skill reset available to players when the expansion launches. The developers also stated for the record that it’s important for parts of the game to be hard, but the game as a whole shouldn’t be hard at all times; it gets kind of exhausting.


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The challenge level has to be one of the hardest things to deal with for these devs. The discrepancy in difficulty between killing a horde of random baddies or one boss level baddie can be quite stark. In Merciless I’m having a harder time with many of the random bosses summoned at the Talisman stones than I am most of the story bosses. I can say one thing though, it definitely keeps you on your toes.