Elsword revamps two characters this week in its ‘Rebirth’ season

Elsword is in the midst of rebirth. Specifically, it’s launching the second chapter of its “Season 2: Rebirth” rollout tomorrow, and with that chapter comes a revamp patch for several older characters. “In line with the Season 2 theme,” KOG Games says, “every character is being revisited and being polished, revamped and brought up to spec vs every other character in the game (new and old).”

This week, the characters due for a rework are Aisha and Raven. Aisha is an elemental mage with a flair for AOE; Raven, on the other hand, is a sword-toting mercenary with a prototype mechanical claw. Both characters had been out in Korea for several years before landing on the US servers in 2011.

We’ve got exclusive images and a trailer for the pair below!

Source: KOG Games PR
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Tried the game, but didn’t like that the outfits you keep seeing the characters in are time limited overlays. Once that runs out you are left with some drab brown rags unless you fork over cold hard cash…