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Do you make New Year’s resolutions for gaming? I do and I’ve seen more than a few bloggers come out in early January to announce what they want to do with the year. Take for instance Telwyn, who has quite the laundry list of to-dos for 2016.

“Thinking back on my first impressions of Trove and also the time I’ve spent in EverQuest II recently, I really should give housing some attention this year,” Telwyn writes. “Rather than just plonking items down in my shadowknight’s house where there happens to be space, I want to take a play-session or two to actually decorate the Kromzek Keep I bought using the daily quest tokens. That place is enormous and could accommodate a more logical and artistic arrangement of all the various zone rewards I’ve accumulated.”

What are your resolutions? Hopefully one of them is to check out some of these great blog posts, which include a couple of first impressions piece, a look at a popular emulator, 2015 game awards, and more!

Tales of the Aggronaut: Bel’s 2015 game awards

Part of the fun of being a blogger is that your site is your domain — and just about anything goes, including impromptu game awards! Belghast took the end of 2015 as an opportunity to hand out awards to a few titles, including some of the MMOs that you and I enjoy.

For his “Game I wish I enjoyed more” award, Bel handed it to RIFT: “If you were to write out every single feature that I would want in an MMO on paper… you would pretty much get the feature set of RIFT. That said, for whatever reason I have struggled to get into this game since the launch of the first expansion. I will come back and play for a bit but find it far too easy to walk away from.”

LFGryph: Hunting Krampus and other sundry things

I love this post for the title alone! Gryph shares how odd it is to be playing The Secret World during Christmastime, a feeling that I echo from personal experience.

“It always amuses me when I discuss holiday content in MMO’s with friends who don’t play The Secret World,” she writes. “They have cute little missions with elves and presents, and I’ve got an apocalypse to prevent, Krampuses (Krampi?), Hels, and other World Bosses to defeat, and the body of Saint Nicholas to retrieve.”

In An Age: Impressions — The Elder Scrolls Online

“Over the past few days, I played around 10 to 15 hours of The Elder Scrolls Online and the experience has been… odd. I say “odd” because while in general I found the experience pleasant, the more I played the game, the more I wanted to be playing something else entirely.”

Thus begins a short and interesting little impressions piece on TESO by Azuriel. Can you like an MMO and still not really want to play it? I think you totally can.

Battle Priestess: First impressions of FFXIV

Fellow blogger, friend, and guildie Moxie has jumped into Final Fantasy XIV for the first time and is recording her experiences as she attempts to find footing (and perhaps grounding) in this game. So what does she think so far?

“I primarily play games to relax after rough days at a stressful job, so typically games like WildStar don’t do it for me — they tend to agitate me more than give me a peaceful respite,” she writes. “FFXIV so far is having the desired effect — as long as I’m not looking at the infernal map or trying to figure out where to go, it’s peaceful, relaxing, almost happy-ish.”

Adamantly Complacent: 2015 gaming year in review

We’re not quite done with 2015 wrap-up pieces quite yet! I promise this will be the last one that I’ll link, however. Phil lists all of the games he played last year and comments in-depth on a few of them, including some MMOs and Diablo III:

Diablo III really is my evergreen game of choice, and I got back into it in a big way this year. I started playing in the seasons, and started playing hardcore characters. I learned a lot about the Witch Doctor, and I’ve pushed myself further through it than ever before.”

Every day there are tons of terrific, insightful, and unusual articles posted across the MMO gaming blogosphere — and every day, Justin reads as many as he can. Global Chat is a sampling of noteworthy essays, rants, and guides from the past few weeks of MMO discourse.
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