Star Citizen developers answer a new batch of 10 for the Developers


Odds are that you won’t be able to fly a ship in heavy armor in Star Citizen. We don’t mean that in the real world; obviously if you yourself are decked out head to toe in full plate armor, you should not sit down at your computer to play a video game. (It does prompt questions about what you do with your spare time other than video games, but we’re not here to judge.) Even in the game, the latest “10 for the Developers” installment makes it clear that you really can’t work the controls while your character is in full armor, so be sure to undress a bit before starting the engine.

The latest installment of the Q&A video answers several questions about armor, as it happens – players will be able to customize armor to take on a sort of medic role if so desired, for example. Players can also expect power armor to be balanced via lower-than-normal visibility and slower movement. Check out the full video just below.

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