Skyforge previews the new hostile territory of Ontes Valley

Hey guys, what's going on?

Being a god in Skyforge doesn’t simply mean getting lots of power; it also means you need to face challenges and deal with greater risks over time. You need more power to ascend further, and that means entering more dangerous areas. Hence, a new area preview on the official site for the Hostile Territory known as Ontes Valley. It’s not a friendly place, even though it’s shrouded in the same sort of picturesque landscape that define the world as a whole.

The region’s tasks are focused around using powerful Resonators to gather additional enemy, with more powerful monsters found deeper into the valley and by more powerful Resonators. Each individual sub-zone also features a boss that players can take out to reach local objectives that much faster, assuming you reach the boss before anyone else in the zone manages it. It’s a challenging zone, but that means great rewards; being a deity isn’t easy, apparently.

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