Worlds Adrift is hosting a creative writing contest


Worlds Adrift is hosting a creative writing contest whose winner will find his or her work included inside the game itself.

To celebrate the launch of this brand new forum (and to celebrate the creativity that we’ve already seen from some of you), we’ve decided to create a creative writing competition with an amazing prize – the winner will see their piece included in the final game as a piece of discoverable lore! You can write a story, poem, script – whatever you choose, as long as you stick to the word limit, and the piece is focused on Worlds Adrift lore.

The contest has already opened and runs until February 9th. To enter, you’ll need to post your under-500-word creation — in English, one per person, based on the game’s lore — on the game’s official forums. Intriguingly, Bossa Studios has included two inspirational prompts that prospective entrants may use: artwork based on Saborian architecture (above), and a brief ethnography on ant-men.

Check out the official entry rules on the Worlds Adrift site.

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An “amazing prize” would be if the winner would see some payment for his or her work.