H1Z1 zombies promise a screaming good time


H1Z1’s developmental plans have long included adding a variety of zombies into the mix, from different looks to different skills. Female zombies were added last October — now get ready for a new one. Remember that undead abomination in a straight jacket that you got a glimpse of in last week’s video? That’s the upcoming screamer zombie. Bound up and with no lower jaw, this creature can’t actually attack a player, but don’t think that makes it harmless. Instead of inflicting damage itself, it emits a blood-curdling wail that brings every zombie anywhere in the vicinity down upon the head of whatever player was unlucky enough to be spotted by it. Get a gander at its wobbly gait in the short animation clips below, and read up on the behind-the-scenes thought of the artists on the official dev blog.



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