The Secret World vows to put more mobility in combat


An unpopular change to one of The Secret World’s ranged abilities in the last patch might end up benefiting the game’s population as a whole.

Lead Designer Romain Amiel wrote a post yesterday acknowledging that the new required cast time (or “snare”) for anima shot and other builders hasn’t gone over so well, despite it being a move to give ranged attacks a small drawback in comparison to melee. Ultimately, he said that the discussion got the team to meet together and agree that movement should be freed up as much as possible instead of hindered.

“In the very near future, we will be removing the casting snare effect from every builder!” Amiel announced. “Additionally, all melee dashes and charges will have their cooldown reduced, to allow melee characters to get in the action faster, both in PvE and PvP.”

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