TUG’s second brain vomit vlog talks monetization


Titled “To free, or not to free,” TUG’s second vlog highlights the subject of monetization. While discussing the free-to-play topic, Nerd Kingdom CEO Peter Salinas emphasized that there are two important factors to the game that go against free-to-play as players know it: “TUG will always be playable offline, and TUG will always be modifiable.” Instead of gating content like many always-online games do, Salinas wants to monetize aesthetics that don’t affect gameplay, and he promised that those who already pledged early will be given special things for their early support of development.

Salinas also addresses the idea of monetazation of mods from the community, including the possibility of the studio paying to license a mod in order to add it to the base game, while still keeping a hand in quality control. Hear the full discussion for yourself in the video below.


Source: TUG vlog #2
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