Eternal Crusade’s Steam early access program isn’t a ‘cashgrab,’ says Behaviour


Following its announcement that it will discontinue Eternal Crusade’s founder pack program in favor of a Steam early access launch on January 25th, Behaviour Interactive has penned an FAQ for players about what that launch entails.

Senior Producer Nathan Richardsson reassures players that the game’s finances aren’t hurting (“Do you need more cashmoneys to launch the game this year?” “Nope. We’re funded.) and that the early access shift isn’t a “cashgrab”:

“[W]e strongly believe that the inclusion of more people, as early in the development process as possible will ultimately make a better game. We are simply continuing this program (previously called Founders) in the Steam Early Access framework.”

But, he writes, “[W]e can always use more cashmoneys to make more war. Like developing the first free expansion earlier, more weapons, get Orks and Eldar faster out of outsourcing and into the game.” Richardsson also vows that the game is very definitely launching in 2016 and will not linger in early access forever.

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