Heroes of the Storm will add Diablo’s Wizard and Necromancer to its lineup

Looking forward to adding homegirl.

Do you miss playing a Necromancer in Diablo II? It’s not quite the same when you play a round of Heroes of the Storm, but you can still get that necromantic rush with the upcoming addition of Xul the Necromancer. The game is also going to add in Li-Ming the Wizard from Diablo III, giving players all of the casting diabolical action anyone could desire. You may want to get some practice in before playing the characters in question, though, as both are intended to have a decently high skill cap.

A new balance patch has also been released to help keep the existing heroes of the game in line. Lunara, Brightwing, and Stitches have all gotten some buffs to their performance, while Raynor has been made a bit more vulnerable, Tyrande’s abilities have been tuned down, and Malfurion has had his healing powers shifted slightly. It remains to be seen how much these changes will affect the game’s metagame in the long run, but that’s what balance patches do.

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