Camelot Unchained on new website, animations, and beta crafting


Camelot Unchained’s Mark Jacobs is getting out in front of “Snowniño,” the massive blizzard bearing down on the a large swath of the Eastern US this weekend, with an early weekly update on the game’s status. (And Friday Night Fights is off as well.)

First up is the new website, now “in its final state of testing.” Expect it on Monday if the weather allows the studio to reopen. The game’s animation system is now in too:

“Over the next few weeks, we will be slowly adding new animations to the system and seeing how things go. We have a huge list of animations that we will need for the game, and not just for combat, but also for fun things such as emotes.”

Jacobs notes that the full crafting system won’t be in for beta one, but it will be partially playable by testers.

“[A]t the opening of Beta 1, players will be able to craft a limited set of items out of a limited set of materials that will have a limited amount of effects on the item. BTW, it is quite satisfying for me personally, because this will be the system I always wanted to create, starting from my MUDs, Aradath and Dragon’s Gate. So, it’s nice to see it coming together as I always knew it could.”

The full update is on the official site, along with some gorgeous new art:


Source: CU website
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