Star Citizen’s Around the Verse on ‘Star Engine,’ new hires, and Port Olisar design


The latest of installment of Star Citizen’s Around the Verse has arrived and sees the return of Ben Lesnick to the show. Lesnick and co-host Sandi Gardiner cover what the core teams are up to: The LA team is working on framerate issues with a problem starship, the Austin team is busying itself with persistent universe concepts, the UK team is focused on Squadron 42 (including bits relating to the Gillian Anderson video yesterday), and the folks in Frankfurt are tackling new hires, scheduling, and mechanics.

Lesnick and Gardiner also drop in interviews with some of the company’s network programmers and sound designer. Community Manager Jared “Disco Lando” Huckaby brought up a fan-created name for the game’s engine:

“I know a lot of folks have taken to calling our modifications to the engine: Star Engine. That’s not an official name by the way. That’s something the fans have started applying. I think it’s neat ‘cause we’re, as development continues we get farther and farther away from what CryEngine originally was. So I like that a lot. Again not an official name. Get the lawyers involved!”

The duo ends with sneak peak of the Starfarer (beginning at 35:30). You can watch the whole show below.

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