Firefall’s Razor’s Edge is finally mostly functional


The Firefall migration drama is finally over.

The servers went down for their planned one-day outage on January 19th for the massive Razor’s Edge update, but a host of issues ranging from Steam errors to UI problems and character migration bugs kept the servers offline until the 22nd, at which point players could roll new characters but still not access existing toons.

Over the weekend, Red 5 completed the migration for everyone. Wrote Community Manager FadedPez,

“We have enabled the migration script for all players. You should now be able to see your characters and step through the battleframe migration process. Once complete you’ll get into the game and get back to playing your main! […] If you’re stuck at waiting for response or not seeing your old character give it a few minutes. We’ve expected this might happen due to latency.”

Players are Reddit are torn; one called it the “biggest patch failure of all time in the PC gaming industry,” while another argued the pain of the patch was “like ripping off band-aids (lots of them)” — that it’s been painful for players but is helping the game avoid its very own NGE. Still others are demanding a rollback.

The studio gave all players an Ace of Honor pack by way of apology for the downtime.

Source: Official forums, Reddit. With thanks to I-Spy.
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