SWTOR shakes up crafting and instant-60 gear for Update 4.1

We anticipate some very mixed emotions from the announced changes to gear and crafting in the next big update for Star Wars: The Old Republic. Crafting itself will change drastically to increase its relevance, and the gear given to an instant level-60 will no longer be bind-on-legacy.

In an effort to make crafting an “important alternative to Mission and Operation gear,” the BioWare developers will overhaul much of the crafting system in 4.1, raising the skill cap to 550 and introducing Grade-9 schematics and materials. The long and short of the 1800 word post on the subject is that a great number of items such as 216 and 220 gear will now be able to be crafted by players to be promptly given away or sold on the Galactic Trade Network.

You know that pretty gear that you get from an instant level-60 character? Well, according to a post by Community Manager Eric Musco, players who create new level-60s just to get the sweet, sweet gear have “created a negative impact on the data side.” This means that BioWare feels forced to change the instant-60 gear to bind on pick-up. But there is hope: All the gear will be able to craft or drop from Alliance crates in 4.1. Some of it is still faction-specific, but the devs are working on fixing that.

Update 4.1 and Knights of the Fallen Empire Chapter 10: Anarchy in Paradise drops on February 11th. Look for all these changes then.

Source: BioWare’s crafting post and level-60 gear post
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