Make My MMO: Smedley’s Hero’s Song ditches Kickstarter (January 30, 2016)


This week in MMO crowdfunding news, John Smedley put an end to the Kickstarter for his OARPG Hero’s Song, telling backers that Pixelmage Games had made “mistakes” with its first Kickstarter.

“After looking at our funding levels and the reality that we aren’t going to reach our funding goals, we’ve decided that the best thing to do is to end the Kickstarter,” he wrote. “The good news is that our Investors are backing us all the way and we’re going to get Hero’s Song done exactly when we said we would.”

We also saw Eternal Crusade launch into Steam early access, heard Star Citizen discuss Star Marine’s status, and got our hands on HEX’s newly launched PvE content.

Read on for more on what’s up with MMO crowdfunding this week.

Live campaigns

Citadel of Sorcery (MMO Magic, Inc.): Open donations, no end date. A vast, dynamic world. “Nothing is set in stone; each player will experience the game in very different ways.”

Contested Space (Zon): Kickstarter coming soon. Player-designed spaceships and stations, action-oriented combat, territory expansion and defense.

Dogma: Eternal Night (Prelude Games Factory): Open preorders with donor packs. The Kickstarter ended December 24, 2015. Sandbox with gothic and punk atmosphere, vampires and other mystical creatures. One server, no classes or levels. Live events.

Dragon of Legends (Thrive Games): Live Kickstarter, ends February 21st. Fantasy 2-D pixelart online RPG. Crossplatform. Includes detailed character class and skill system, crafting mechanics, boats, an achievement journal, twitch combat, and user-generated content.

Gloria Victis (Black Eye Games): Open donations, no end date. Fantasy medieval setting with a classless system and unrestricted character development; realistic weather system. Greenlit on Steam.

Hero’s Song (Pixelmage Games): Kickstarter canceled. B2P, PvE fantasy, pixelart OARPG “host thousands of other players” in the open world but will boast a solo campaign and allow private servers as well.

Neo’s Land (NeoJac Entertainment): Open donations, no end date. Voxel-based sandbox where the community decides development by roundtable discussions.

Overpower (Hydrant Games): Live Kickstarter, ends February 19th. Class-based medieval shooter with MOBA gameplay.

Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen (Visionary Realms): Open donations, no end date. Old-school fantasy MMO with focus on group content, the return of corpse runs.

Planet Nomads (Craneballs): Live Kickstarter, ends February 18th. Sci-fi survival sandbox. Multiplayer support is included as a stretch goal.

The Realm: Reawakened (Stephen Nichols): GoFundMe. Old-school MMO dev seeks to remake his classic game with a “fresh coat of paint.”

Fully funded campaigns

Ascent: The Space Game (Fluffy Kitten Studios
Camelot Unchained
(City State) – Recent news: New website
Crowfall (ArtCraft) – Recent news: Crafting scenarios
City of Titans (Missing Worlds Media) – Recent news: Building Titan City
Descent Underground (Descendent Studios)
Divergence Online (Ethan Casner) – Recent news: Ongoing Steam drama
Eco (Strange Loop Games)
Epic Space (
Ever, Jane (3 Turn Productions)
Infinity: Battlescape (I-Novae Studios)
HEX (HEX Entertainment) – Recent news: Hands-on with the PvE content
Novus AEterno (Taitale Studios)
Pathfinder Online (GoblinWorks)
Pixel Starships (SavySoda)
Project Gorgon (Elder Game, LLC)
Pumpkin Online (Monique)
The Repopulation (Above & Beyond Technologies) – Recent news: HeroEngine’s latest
Shards Online (Citadel Studios)
Shroud of the Avatar (Portalarium) – Recent news: Summer wipe, offline rewards
Star Citizen (Cloud Imperium) – Recent news: Star Marine
TUG (Nerd Kingdom)

Abandoned post-crowdfund

Greed Monger (Greed Monger)
The Stomping Land (Alex Fundora)

Funded and launched

Elite: Dangerous (Frontier Developments)
Guns of Icarus (Muse)


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SallyBowls1 Don’t worry, I just read the comments. I see people are throwing a temper tantrum because they think selling beta access to the general public on Steam = game has been released = they should get to play now even though they didn’t back for beta access. What a pack of idiots.

<– someone who backed Torment, not at a beta access level, and isn’t remotely offended that he can’t play it until it is finished


SallyBowls1 Can’t play now because something is messed up? Or can’t play now because they didn’t shell out $75+ for a package with beta access?


I think these days Kickstarter is little more than a publicity stunt, there aren’t many nostalgia trips left, let alone ones that might actually succeed at funding.


Oleg Chebeneev  $800,000 in KS funding.


Another wrinkle in this new funding world: I read that Torment: Tides Of Numenera has KS donors from 2013 who can’t play the game now but people who pay for Steam Early Access can. Complaints were voiced.

Games that want to double-dip crowdfunding – KS & SEA – have issues to address.

Oleg Chebeneev
Oleg Chebeneev

What goals they claimed that they cant reach?


This just oozes of stupidity…