DUAL Universe promises a seamless galaxy on a single shard


When it comes to creating a science fiction MMO, there are two directions you can take. You can either hold up EVE Online as the master blueprint for sandboxy excellence or you can flee as far as possible from the cutthroat nature of that title. Dual Universe, an indie title in development by Novaquark, most definitely has hero eyes for CCP’s long-running title.

Like EVE, Dual Universe will take place on a single shard, have PvP out the wazoo, and focus on political, construction, and economic sandbox features. Unlike EVE, however, Dual Universe will beĀ splitting its time between cruising among the stars and adventuring on planetary surfaces. It’s promising seamless transitions between zones, planets, and outer space, as well as support for the Oculus Rift. There is also a lot of talk of voxels, because why leave any buzzword behind?

Dual Universe is currently assembling its alpha team for testing some time in 2016.

Source: Dual Universe. Thanks to David for the tip!
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