WildStar’s next major update promises to be very, very cool (in an ice region)

I said - what's cooler than being cool? ICE COLD!

Ready to enjoy some more chill time in WildStar? The game’s next update has been announced, and it should be really cool. Literally cool. Destination: Arcterra is sending players to the eponymous Arcterra, a frozen wasteland with a new reward track including new costume pieces, new mounts, new pets, and a new style of snowballing boss fights that pits players against ever-greater threats as the zone’s bosses get cleared away.

Arcterra is the new max-level area, but players will also be getting more adventuring in with the second chapter of the Nexus Saga in the form of the Vault of the Archon. This instance contains plenty of story as well as the option to play solo or in a group, so you can take it on yourself or bring your friends along for the ride. There’s a promise of more coming along with the update, but for now, get ready to stay frosty when the update hits the test servers soon.

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