Grimdark sandbox Revival plans the wrap-up of its first client stage

Once you crank up the gamma, it doesn't look so bad.

Now that we’re in February, the holidays are finally behind us all. (Very few people actually get to skip work on Valentine’s Day.) That means that the team at Illfonic is back to working hard on Revival‘s development and the deployment of the game’s current client version. It also means that the plans are in place to finish up development of the current “stage one” client and move on to the next stage once a few more bugs and features are in place.

The biggest issue for allowing players to use renovation kits within the houses was a persistent issue spawning items that could be kicked in the wrong location, so renovation kits will be introduced with its items movable only in design mode. After that, estates are slated to be released within the next two weeks. Then it’s bug fixes and maintenance while the team moves on to the second stage of development. Good news for fans whether you’re happy with touring houses or can’t wait for more than just kicking furniture.

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