PSA: Beware of scammers abusing MMO clan Gaiscioch’s name and domain


Gaiscioch clan’s Benjamin “Foghladha” Foley and friend of Massively OP has apparently become the victim of a strange sort of gaming-related identity theft.

“Over the past few months, a person from China has posed as me,” he’s explained in the guild’s magazine today. “This unscrupulous person wrote to developers and media affiliates seeking access to beta releases of some games, exclusive tchotchkes, and press copies of other games. He then turned around and sold these on various websites.”

Needless to say, if you’ve communicated with “Foley” lately in respect to his large and well-known multi-MMO organization, you should probably double-check that you were communicating with the real version and not his overseas profiteering clone.

Foley’s post includes detailed tips for gamers and developers to help them avoid falling prey to the same sort of scam being perpetrated in his name, one that’s unfortunately becoming irritatingly common.

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