SWTOR continues the expansion story with today’s Anarchy in Paradise release

TIme to pay the pipers indeed.
It’s time to get angry, break things, and start some fires in Star Wars: The Old Republic. Patch 4.1 Anarchy in Paradise¬†arrives today, and it brings with it a new chapter of Knights of the Fallen Empire, which centers around the known anarchist and constant rabble-rouser Kaliyo Djannis. Players who were subscribed on February 1st will be able to jump right into the story, while those who were not will have to wait until Thursday to get in on the action.

The patch also brings along major crafting changes with a boost to the crafting skill cap, an overhaul of gathering missions, and several new crafting schematics. Players can also enjoy an increased stack limit for items (9,999 per stack) and the usual quality of life changes that accompany any major patch. Maintenance for the patch is currently expected to run until noon EST, but after that you can jump in and start the aforementioned process of breaking things.

Stay tuned for our hands-on with the chapter later today!

Update: BioWare took the servers down again:

BioWare’s Eric Musco has posted an update to the forums:

The team has isolated the issue, which was an unfinished Alliance Alert Mission was available. This Mission could potentially cause serious issues with a character. We are working on a solution, but have no ETA available at this time. We apologize for the extended downtime. I will continue to pass on updates as I have them.

Up for real this time!

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