League of Legends deploys final preseason patch

Before the season arrives, League of Legends has one or two final things to say in how the game is run. Today the MOBA released its “fat” Patch 6.3 that contains many adjustments at the tail end of the preseason as well as a change to how the game stores art.

One of the biggest changes that arrives with the update is the addition of an Assassin-specific weapon, the┬áDuskblade of Draktharr. “By clearly calling out ‘Hey, this one’s for you!’ we can start to set an expectation around how an assassin can act in fights, as well as the kinds of power-curves they should have long-term,” Riot Games said.

Patch 6.3 tweaks Dragons’ stacking effects, fixes Alistar’s headbutt skill, nerfs several champions (Corki, Poppy, Graves, and Ryze), and buffs a couple of characters (Ziggs and Xin Zhao). Players will also no longer be able to see enemy champion picks before matches.

Source: Patch notes
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