Worlds Adrift opens player alliance creation


This week, Bossa Studios announced a new feature for Worlds Adrift: alliances. Designer Luke Williams explains that alliances are the game’s version of guilds.

“Alliances are giving you the opportunity to really set up what you want to do as a group, whether that’s becoming a pirate band or setting up a trade network,” Williams tells watchers in the studio’s new video. “You could also be, for example, whalers, maybe going around hunting all the rare species in the world. You also also just be good samaritans — it’s a rough world out there, so you could [be] dropping supplies off to stranded people or maybe hitching people a ride to nearby islands. You can really set up what you want and what you want your role to be.”

You can already create and join alliances through the official site. The video’s below!

Source: Press release
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