ELOA deploys new raid dungeon, tackles spammers


ELOA’s latest patch, The Lost Temple, has deployed today, with its chief addition being a raid dungeon by that same name. Need more motivation to play it? How about some unique awards? Webzen says the three fastest groups to clear the Temple on every server — as verified by a screenshot to the official forums — will be granted a special uniform.

Webzen has also announced that today’s patch includes new reporting features for players who want to lend a hand squelching spammers and bots. “Now you can report spam bots with the new system,” says the publisher. “Ctrl + left click on the username of the chatting, and click Report chatting abuse. If an account is reported more than a certain time (changeable), the account won’t be able to use chatting for a certain period time. We will adjust time setting, when needed.”

Source: Press release, patch notes

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If only we could actually hire athletes and upload them to literally tackle spammers… XD