Neverwinter shows off the art of Underdark

Just because Neverwinter’s Underdark takes place underground doesn’t mean that it’s going to be a bunch of dark generic caves. Cryptic’s art team is hard at work creating environments that live up to this famous D&D locale, and in a new dev blog you can see how some of the settings came into being.

Reading this post might make you appreciate all of the little touches that it takes to make an environment believable and immersive: “Even though these environments share a lot of the same motifs and themes I still wanted them to feel unique. So Araj Tower has yellow crystals and Arm of the Delzoun has blueish crystals. In addition they also serve a story telling purpose. Arm of the Delzoun is mostly natural with drawrven elements.”

The team also did a lighting pass through the old leveling dungeons to make them look even more vibrant and exciting.

Neverwinter is preparing its Maze Engine update for the near future. If you’re into this game, you should check out the current Humble Bundle deal that includes a costume and companion for this game.

Source: Neverwinter

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Offer a B2P version of this game and get rid of all the Asian P2W crap and I’ll buy it in a heartbeat.