ArcheAge introduces stat-granting costumes and clothes laundering

Not playing the game is a lot like playing the game in the right light.
After a long night of play in ArcheAge, do you stare at your costume slot and wonder why it can make you look so good but can’t offer you one lousy stat boost? Stupid freeloading costumes. The good news is that you can soon use that slot to provide you with a few points of additional min-maxing glory, as the upcoming costume synthesis system allows players to equip stat-boosting costumes for more power without sacrificing looks.

Players will start out by purchasing a Basic Costume in one of four types, then infuse it with Synthium Stones. The item will level up and improve in rank, gaining a random set of statistics related to the costume’s type (so melee costumes receive random melee-related stats). You can also fuse existing costumes to your Basic Costume, letting you keep your favorite look and look more fashionable in the process. Fashion and function, all wrapped up in one crisp package.

Update: Commenter Tridus has pointed out that Trion has also introduced a laundry system.

From here on out, if you want to keep making use of the statistics on your costume, you’ll need to do your laundry. When your Basic Costume is first worn, the statistics will go into a dormant mode after 30 days. The stats won’t be removed from the costume — you just won’t benefit from them for the time being. In order to unlock the stats once more, you’ll need to acquire a Synthium Soap from the General Merchant for 120g or from the ArcheAge Store. Once your costume is cleaned and dried, the magical power within will reactivate and the 30 day timer will begin once more. Remember: clean clothes DO have class!

Update: Trion has posted an official response to the Synthium Stones controversy (thanks, A Dad Supreme!):

When XL was looking at these rates, they were looking at how many shards/stones would drop from an average server in our region per day, not how many shards/stones an average person could collect per day. There is a desire to have these stones be traded and valued on the Auction House, as they are tradable, after all. The flip side to this is that the stones will also be available for loyalty tokens, allowing players to grab that last stone or two that’s required without needing to put in the time and labor. Finally, the stones drop with a higher chance in Mistsong Summit, so those doing the dungeon will also be able to claim them there too. Long story short, if a player does not want to do the monster kills, there are other options available in the game to fill that gap, and that seems to be by design.

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