World of Akria: The Underground lands on Steam Greenlight


Back in January, Massively OP reader Crow tipped us off to the development of The Underground, a cutesy 2-D MMORPG with a decidedly¬†old-school graphical motif and feature set. A few weeks ago, the game changed its name to The World of Akria: The Underground, and now it’s on Steam Greenlight too.

“Nothing too exciting has happened as of late, aside from us working steadily on bug fixes, server-client stability, and other miscellaneous back-end patches,” Triad Entertainment wrote on its Steam page this week. “We’ve also fixed a couple of issues with the client front-end, mostly just a few typos and filler-text. As for in-game, we’re working hard on preparing the subterranean regions, and polishing them up for the full release.”

You can vote for the game on Steam Greenlight.

Source: Steam, official site. Thanks, ShinigamiApples!
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