ArcheAge’s February update brings costume sythesis and a tougher Mistsong Summit

It might not be the largest content update that’s ever graced ArcheAge, but the game’s February update does have a few items of note for players, including a couple of events.

The patch brought online a hard mode for the Mistsong Summit dungeon, which should give players a new level of challenge for the instance and its bosses. It also introduced the new (and controversial) costume synthesis system, which lets you level up stat-infused costumes — what we in the olden days used to call “gear.”

ArcheAge is celebrating the new update with a pair of events: one running currently that will give bonus reward boxes for defeating Mistsong bosses, and one in March that will dole out extra medals for participating in skirmish and sparring arenas.

Source: Patch notes
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