WildStar’s PvP plan means server consolidation on PvE worlds


WildStar Game Director Chad “Pappy” Moore has big plans for reigniting the PvP flame in the beleaguered sci-fi MMO. “Increasingly over time the majority of WildStar players prefer to play on PvE servers,” he says, leaving the PvP servers in a dire state.

The solution? Well, it boils down to de facto server merges and PvP incentives. “We’ll be bringing all players together on the PvE servers (Entity for NA, and Jabbit for EU),” explains Moore; those voluntary merges will occur by way of a fresh round of free transfers that begins today.

The studio had added new servers following WildStar’s free-to-play transition last fall but merged them back into the separate PvE and PvP megaservers by December. Following this move, it appears the game will no longer offer PvP servers.

As for the incentives for the PvPers newly relocated to PvE servers,

“When your PvP flag is on, any creatures you kill that provide XP (or would provide XP, if you’re max level) will also reward Prestige (the WildStar PvP currency), as well as additional gold. [And] we’ve improved the PvP flag UI on your portrait to help show when you’re flagged, and how soon your flag will wear off.”

Moore took over as Game Director earlier this month; Carbine declined to be interviewed on the transition.

Source: Official site. Thanks to DK, Dante, and everyone who tipped this!
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