Final Fantasy XIV adds David Bowie Easter egg to latest patch

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If you have the vaguest interest in music whatsoever, you were probably a bit heartbroken when David Bowie passed away in January. The man was a musical genius and had an enormous impact on popular culture over the course of a career spanning decades. That influence extended to the Final Fantasy XIV development team, who stuck in a nice big reference to the main in the game’s most recent patch with the second boss of The Antitower: Ziggy.

Ziggy is a spriggan riding about on a meteorite who summons several other meteorites named Stardust throughout the fight, a clear reference to David Bowie’s one-time stage persona Ziggy Stardust, the eponymous song, and Bowie’s fifth studio album (The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars). It’s a small tribute, but seeing as Final Fantasy XIV makes very few real-world references with in-world names, it’s notable for its inclusion.

Source: Twinfinite; thanks to Serrenity for the tip!
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