Star Crusade is a CCG with adjustable deck sizes


Everyone seems to want a slice of the lucrative Hearthstone digital card game pie these days. The latest challenger to Blizzard’s throne is ZiMAD’s Star Crusade, a fast-paced online card game with a sci-fi theme.

In this CCG, players can choose from one of six factions, collect over 400 cards, build decks, and battle it out in single-player, multiplayer, and raid matches. Cooperative multiplayer, social deck sharing, and events are in the works for the future as well.

One of the interesting twists of this game is that players can choose the size of the deck (from 25 to 40 cards), with smaller decks going first and larger decks offering more survivability. Star Crusade will also have something called modules that will offer power customization.

Star Crusade is currently in a free-to-play beta and plans to launch in spring 2016 on both Steam and iOS devices.

Source: Steam
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