Three staffers depart EVE Online after huge financial year for CCP

Fight for control of meaningless space!

CCP Games staff have now seemingly confirmed on Reddit that EVE Online is about to become three people poorer. EVE is losing Lead Game Designer CCP Scarpia, Senior Game Designer CCP Ytterbium, and Technical Designer CCP FoxFour — the first two at the end of March; the last in June. The departures appear voluntary. CCP Ytterbium says that his own move won’t cause undue problems with the Citadels release. He also lets the community have it in regard to bashing other devs:

“You guys seem to bash anyone that touches Sovereignty or capitals. We know you guys care about your pixel spaceships, we get it. The care of the EVE community is what makes the game special in the first place. But seriously, bluntly, this shit has to stop, because it can be seriously destructive to people working in the game industry.”

“Now, don’t start saying I’m leaving because of that or because EVE is dying. None of that tinfoil-rumor thing with me or I’ll find you, cover your sorry asses with garlic before cooking them in an over-sized oven. I’m leaving because I’ve been working on EVE for 9 years, and I need to tackle new projects to grow as a professional and individual. I’m leaving because Iceland and I don’t really see eye to eye with each other (I’m from southern France which is a very sunny and hot place) and I want to see other places. I love CCP, EVE, the company, the people, the projects and you guys. It was a hard decision to make and part of me will always regret it, but I really feel I need to kick myself in the butt to progress in my life.”

This comes as CCP is celebrating a record financial year, thanks in large part to the sale of World of Darkness.

We have reached out to CCP for more information and will update when we have it.

Source: Reddit, Viðskiptablaðið via Reddit. With thanks to Pasha!
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