RuneScape’s DarkScape will sunset in March


Jagex is retiring RuneScape’s DarkScape “experiment” at the end of March.

“DarkScape offered an intriguing twist on the traditional RuneScape gameplay, and the experimental mode caught some players’ attention when we launched it in September last year. The majority of players came to it out from regular RuneScape or Old School, but soon returned to those games to resume their main adventures. Today, there’s a small, hardcore community that continues to play DarkScape. Unfortunately, it’s just not big enough to warrant ongoing development. The updates made along the way allowed us to experiment with RuneScape’s PvP gameplay systems, play around with changes to the game economy, and test out major changes to combat and equipment behaviour.”

The game mode will close on March 28th; expect events and surprises until the sunset. Hardcore DarkScape players will be compensated with a month of free time in RuneScape and a cape to boot. Jagex suggests former DarkScape players may also like the Deadman mode playable in Old School RuneScape.

RuneScape itself has just patched in a new update aimed at F2P players; it includes new bosses, new combat abilities, dual-wielding, and dungeoneering weapons.


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