Allods devs detail New Order’s new reforging system

Oh, so gross.

Allods Online’s upcoming New Order update is pretty hefty, and the latest dev blog sets out to explain the new reforging system. First, there’s the gear change itself. Equipment is split into two types based on item slot: Crafted (shirts, cloaks, armor, leg-plates, helmets, boots, earrings, and rings) and looted (weapons, shields and special weapons, shoulders, belts, gloves, wrists, and necklaces). Each item includes an offensive and defensive stat, with looted items will always being one step below crafted.

To craft or transform gear, players must visit the Anvil of Artifacts, which boasts a brand-new interface that displays the list of available recipes and their required components. Using transformation components and tools, players can choose to change either the offensive or offensive stat. Each transformation offers four options — the current combination or three random ones. Note: The changes may be either positive or negative. For more details, check out the official site.

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In the last part it says:
“players can choose to change either the offensive or offensive stat”.
I think you’ve meant offensive or defensive.