Check out footage of the Figureheads Online pre-open beta testing

Robot rock.

There’s still no official announcement about Figureheads being localized in English, but Square-Enix‘s upcoming third-person mech-based shooter does have English localization files in its latest pre-open beta testing round. It also has plenty of mecha shooting one another and moving around a tactical battlefield, which Steparu helpfully compiled into a series of videos. If you’ve been curious about this title since it was first mentioned – or you’re interested now because the word “mech” was mentioned – you can check those out below.

The game is apparently very tactically focused rather than being a game one simply picks up and plays, with an emphasis on teamwork and squad participation in taking and holding objectives. It does, however, sport several tutorials to ease you into the process, and once you understand that it’s a game about teamwork you can more easily disrupt your opponents and lead your team to victory. It also features all of this while stomping around in giant customizable robots, which may very well be the biggest appeal.

Source: Steparu
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