Gigantic releases a big (experimental) update today

It's for my experimental patch which nobody knows about, and yet...

The beta test for Gigantic is still ongoing despite the financial difficulty of its development studio, but you can’t take part in that test right now. Why not? Because the game is being patched. And this isn’t a patch filled with mostly polished systems and maps, either; the latest update is all about rolling out experimental systems, maps, characters, and music which may or may not work in the final version of the game or at all.

Well, maybe the music isn’t experimental, but the rest of it is.

This patch introduces a new map, Siren’s Strand, along with a very experimental new hero named Pakko who will only be available for about a week. It also introduces Crown Boosts to the in-game store that will boost your reward for winning matches, adjusts the mechanics for power gain, and refines how Focus skills work. You can jump in the game now that it’s all patched to test the changes yourself, but if you can’t wait that long, take a look at the patch notes for all of the details, including a hero-by-hero breakdown of balance tweaks.

Massively OP’s Matt Daniel recently trekked into Gigantic’s beta to check it out for himself; read all about it in his first impressions piece.


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