World of Fishing aims for Steam’s casuals, hardcores, and MMO lovers


Why take up fishing in a traditional MMO when you can take up fishing in a fishing MMO? World of Fishing aims to be just that, and today it’s announced that it’ll land on Steam next month after having been in open beta since November.

World of Fishing is a full-fledged MMO featuring character development, exciting quests and the addicting hunt for rare fish. Starting out with a small boat and basic equipment, players will be able to work their way up to the point where they will catch huge fish like tunas and even exotic sharks. Dynamic real-time battles with more than 450 fish species controlled by a realistic AI, provide an entertaining and challenging gameplay that feels as close to the “real thing” as possible. Competitive players can face each other in the Team Match mode, while casual players will be able to enjoy the relaxing aspect of fishing in Freestyle mode, visiting beautiful, exotic fishing spots from Vancouver to Cape Town.”

InselGames CEO Patrick Streppel says his studio is aiming for “hobby fisherman and casual gamers” as well as “hardcore gamers and MMO lovers.”

Source: Press release
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