Worlds Adrift’s composer shares a morsel of the soundtrack


Even if you’re the type of player who switches off the music and doesn’t give it another thought, it’s hard to deny that a soundtrack can give a special layer of life to a fictional world. Worlds Adrift Composer Murugan Thiruchelvam wrote a new post talking about his excitement over working on the game’s score and how he’s approaching this unique title.

Worlds Adrift is a MASSIVE game and we didn’t want the music to ever be intrusive, so it was important to have dynamic music and make the soundtrack act as another element ofthe world you’re in,” he explained. “Having moments where the music is almost floating in the background whilst you explore and then contrasting that with music having its bigger, more obvious moment during epic battles with huge ships would make the game much more immersive.”

You can listen to a short preview of the soundtrack-in-progress after the jump!


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Nice smooth sound clips.