Final Fantasy XIV explores the team behind the story of Heavensward

Make it everything.
Final Fantasy XIV continues offering players a look behind the scenes of the game’s development with a second video today. The first one explored the sound design behind Heavensward, from ambient noises to the music within the game, but today’s video is all about the story and lore behind Eorzea. It’s a big part of development, making sure that not only do you have new bosses to fight but you know what the bosses are fighting for and why you have to push past them.

The video covers both creating the main scenario questline that moves the story along and fleshing out the world around that scenario, while at the same time discussing the localization and the back-and-forth for the Japanese and English teams. Check out the full video just below if you’re interested in how the game’s setting is crafted one piece at a time.

Source: Square-Enix press release
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