Final Fantasy XIV’s newest patch brings The Feast to live servers

If you’ve grown weary of the PvP options available in Final Fantasy XIV, take heart that today brings you a new method for beating the snot out of your fellow players. The Feast has arrived, giving players structured team matches with the overarching goals of collecting more medals from opposing players. Death no longer means you’re out of the arena, but it also doesn’t mean that your opponents are gone for good, either.

If you’re still not interested in the game’s PvP, you still get new stuff with this particular patch, starting with the ability to queue in the Duty Finder and get Echo benefits for Alexander Gordias (Savage) content. There are also new dungeons which award copies of sheet music needed for use in the Orchestrion and various quality-of-life fixes. It’s not as sizable as the game’s last major numbered patch, but it still should provide plenty for players to enjoy.


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