Darkfall: Rise of Agon looks to sub-only model, aims for public beta this fall


Darkfall: Rise of Agon (not to be confused with the other Darkfall reboot, New Dawn) revealed its plans for getting off the ground by the end of 2016, including its test schedule and pricing.

According to the team, Rise of Agon will go through three test phases this year. The first phase is a limited, invite-only alpha test in the second quarter. This will be followed by a founders-only closed beta test over the summer, and after that will come a lengthy half-year public beta starting in the fall.

The game’s store and account management systems are slated to come online within the next few weeks. When that happens, fans can opt to purchase one of three founder’s packs, ranging from $20 to $100. Founders packs are the only way to get closed beta access, whereas the public beta will charge a monthly fee of $11. The team confirmed that it will not charge a box price for the launched game, only a $15-per-month subscription to play.

Source: Rise of Agon
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