Allods Online elaborates on new class aspects, weapon mechanics


You might recall that Allods Online has big changes in the works for its classes with the coming Update 7.0. If you don’t remember that, then you’re not going to do well on your Massively OP exam at the end of the month. Study up!

Anyway, the team has another dev diary out about more of the changes coming for the classes, including discussion on support and suppression roles. By equipping aspects of suppression, classes can employ crowd control effects on enemies. Likewise, support aspects allow classes to throw out buffs to allies during combat.

Weapon mechanics are also due for an upheaval with the New Order patch. Players will have a wider selection of weapons from which to choose, although these will only be obtainable from bosses. They (the weapons, not the bosses) will be categorized as either slow or fast-speed as well.

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