ARK: Survival Evolved is splitting in two with a F2P version


See below for the update.

Strange things are afoot at ARK: Survival Evolved, my friends. The site posted a partial picture of a metallic dinosaur under the header of “Mysterious Mysteries: GIGAntic Expectations” with no further explanation.

What does this mean? The devs said that more details will follow, but it is quite clear that the robot dinos have won and are now our new lizard overlords. Massively OP would like to be the first to pledge allegiance to these majestic beasts and promises the full might of our comments section in supporting their conquest of the Earth.

The full reveal of our fearsome prehistoric masters will take place on Twitch later today. Currently, there is a countdown timer to 2:00 p.m. EDT.

Source: ARK via Reddit. Thanks to Kinya for the tip!
Update: It’s the thing to do these days: Take your survival game and split it in two. Turns out that ARK was teasing an incoming H1Z1-style split: ARK: Survival Evolved and ARK: Survival of the Fittest. The latter will be a free-to-play, likely without a cash shop, and will be composed primarily of the original game’s contest mode. The whole thing is viewable on Twitch; the announcement is at the end of their video. Thanks, Tanek!
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