Dark Age of Camelot adds revamped bosses and more guild symbols

Not yours, but... all right, yes, not funny, sorry.

When your friends in Dark Age of Camelot want to take a trip to Spindelhalla, do you pretend that your internet connection has died? Do you claim that you can’t attend another run of Stonehenge Barrows because your 33rd grandmother just died? Do you dispense with the absurd excuses and just say that you really don’t want to run Coruscating Mines with the same bosses dropping the same loot? Good news, then, as the newest patch for the game brings updated loot and bosses to all three locations. That should alleviate the boredom, if not the hard questions about your numerous grandmothers.

The patch also brings in 57 new guild insignias for players to use and UI improvements for moving and equipping items in one’s inventory. That’s in addition to the usual plethora of bug fixes and minor quality-of-life improvements. Check out the full patch notes for all of the details.

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Back when I played DAOC, it wasn’t ever a problem of the dungeons being boring, it was a problem of finding groups for them at all.  I could never even get one more person to go with me, let alone multiple people.

I imagine if I had gotten a group, it might have become boring, but I never got that far.