Pathfinder Online strikes out against item duping

The path was found after all.

Some players are finding out the hard way this week that Pathfinder Online isn’t going to overlook item duping in the name of keeping a few extra subscriptions.

The devs announced yesterday that they had to ban “a small number” of players for item duping: “The logs we gathered showed that they repeatedly took advantage of the bug and built up large stockpiles of high level goods. We have permanently banned all their accounts, and are in the process of dissolving their companies and removing their duplicated goods from the game.”

Goblinworks said that it put out a fix for the exploit and urged players to both avoid such activities in the future and report those who do. The studio also informed the community that it had developed diagnostic tools to root out such abuse as well.

Source: Official forums. Thanks to Mark for the tip!
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