Cryptic previously worked on a Jurassic World title


File this one under “Did you know?”: One of Cryptic’s previous projects was an aborted Jurassic World game that it ended up cancelling last year with the closing of its Seattle studio.

From the description, the game was made to capitalize on last summer’s blockbuster and would have been some sort of survival game. Players would have controlled characters in a third-person view and would be pitted against famous film dinos such as Gallimimus, Triceratops, Tyrannosaurus Rex, Velociraptor, Spinosaurus and Baryonyx. Some of the assets include animations and renders of Chris Pratt’s character, and scuttlebutt has it that the game would have skewed into the multiplayer survival genre.

The Jurassic World title was never officially announced, although it had been in development for a while. It was built using the Unreal Engine 4 with a mind to release across several digital platforms, including Steam, PSN, and Xbox Live.

Cryptic Studios’ website has long had a mention of a “top secret” game in development, although this could just be a generic placeholder or an indication of a different game. “Our Top Secret work represents our continued commitment to diversify and reach beyond the boundaries of traditional MMORPG gaming. We can’t wait to show you more!” the studio posted.

Source: Jurassic WorldNeoGAF, Game Rant, All That’s Epic. Thanks to The Grand Nagus for the tip!
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